What is a Superstock piston and how does it work?

Our line of Super Stock pistons for Banshee and Blaster work to add power by simulating that the exhaust ports in your stock cylinder are timed differently which really means the same as hand ported with out the hassle. The Super Stock is notched on the dome next to the exhaust port to theoretically raise the port, which will raise the rpm range of the engine and develop more mid to topend power. 
If your engine is ported, on the Banshee you do not want to be less than the height of 28mm or 1.10236 inches from the top of the exhaust port to the top of the bore. On the Blaster if hand ported the height should not be less than 31.5mm or 1.240 inches if used in cylinders with this high of a port opening the engine will be very peaky and may fall out of the power range during gear changes. No special machining is required. Checking piston to head clearance is always recommended. Rejetting is mandatory.


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